Zombie Experiences & Locations

  • Zombie Outbreak, London

    Zombie Shopping Mall

    The undead are moving in on the capital, and the only thing that stands between the Zombie hordes and the remaining living is you.

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  • Zombie Battle, London

    Zombie Battle London

    Listen up troops! The Zombie Hordes are about to take over North Greenwich and we need you to stop them! Save London from an undead uprising before the Capital is overwhelmed and help keep our nation safe.

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  • Zombie Boot Camp, Worcestershire

    Zombie Boot Camp

    Ever fancied yourself as a soldier? Wanted to give Special Ops a try? Well we’ve got the most special of all operations for you to throw yourself headlong into, the boot camp to end all boot camps.

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  • Zombie Blitz 1940, London

    Zombie Blitz 1940

    This is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. There’s 1940s London (or, well the tunnels underneath). There’s darkness. There’s craziness. And, yes, there’s zombies on the loose.

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  • The Asylum, Worcestershire

    The Asylum

    Someone thought injecting asylum patients with DNA altering experimental drug cocktails was a great idea, but boy were they wrong! Now we need your help to round up the shambling, moaning mess of not-humanity they’ve become and get them back into their lovely padded cells where they belong.

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