Zombie Manor House

Zombie Manor House, Warrington, Greater Manchester

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This Ain’t No Relaxing Day Out In The Country

  • 3 hour Search & Rescue operation
  • Includes all weapons, ammo and training
  • Fight your way through the horde with Grey Squadron
  • Greater Manchester location
  • Those with a nervous disposition need not apply!

What can I expect?

A top secret government facility has dropped off the radar. It’s the kind of place you wouldn’t want to go to on a good day but now, with the shuffling and the moaning, it’s not somewhere for the faint of heart. We need you to travel to the manor, join ‘Grey Squadron’ for instruction, and then investigate the reason why this experimental facility suddenly went quiet. This will not be a relaxing experience at a beautiful manor house spa. No indeedy. This will test you, this will terrify you, this will probably be the best day of your life. Should you survive, brains intact.

Will your mates help you?

What happens on the day

Once you arrive at the location you will be shouted at by a large man until he is sure you’ll kill more zombies than team members. Once up to speed on weapons, survival tactics and given a crash course on how to kill a zombie, you’ll be let loose on the manor to clear it of the shambling undead groaning and salivating for fresh brains.

For three glorious, terror-filled hours it’ll be you, your team and all the cunning you can bring, against a zombie horde just aching for a munch. This is a Search and Rescue operation people, we need your help to rescue anyone left alive, and kill anything left undead. It’ll take everything you have and then some, just use your brains, before the zombies do. Those with a nervous disposition need not apply!

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Zombie Manor House?

25 minutes from Liverpool or Manchester, the manor is in Warrington, Greater Manchester. For those travelling from outside the area, it’s 20 minutes from Junction 20 on the M6, just punch WA4 4AG in to your sat nav to find us.

Can I bring some friends along to play too?

Absolutely, the more the merrier. You can book up to 16 people to take part, on the day a maximum of 16 people will be forming the Squadron. For larger groups drop the organiser a message to discuss a private booking. Please be aware that we won’t allow anyone under the age of 16 to take part.

When can I come and kick zombie arse?

The Zombie Manor House is open for business every fortnight on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. As of November 2013, three sessions per day will be available to choose from: 9.30am, 12.30pm and 3.30pm.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Suitable clothing and sensible footwear, you will be running for your life and you will be getting dirty. Don’t forget to pack your courage, you’re going to need it.

What are the hidden costs I’ll have to pay on the day?

None! While extras (like video recording) are available, they’re optional so you won’t need to purchase anything extra to help you survive the zombie horde. Tea, coffee, water and snack bars are included in the price, we won’t send you in to fight the zombie apocalypse dehydrated or with low blood sugar.

Do I need to be fit?

This is a physical day out, as you would expect stopping the zombie apocalypse to be, a reasonable level of fitness will be required in order to keep up and not become zombie chow.

Will I get hurt?

You may get jumped on, held down, and have horrifying zombies murmur ‘brains’ in your ear but there is no actual violence or fighting involved and you will not be physically hurt.

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