Zombie Outbreak

Zombie Outbreak, London, United Kingdom

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Brace yourself; they're coming!

  • Movie-quality special effects
  • Handle 3 different weapons
  • 2 hours, 30 mins of battling action
  • London location

What can I expect?

The undead are moving in on the capital, and the only thing that stands between the Zombie hordes and the remaining living is you: a soon-to-be elite member of the Outbreak Response Executive. Welcome to Zombie Outbreak Experience at Bunker 51.

Will your mates help you?

What happens on the day

On arrival at the hidden Bunker 51 in North Greenwich you’ll be met by your tactics instructors before being kitted out in all the necessary protective gear to keep you safe(ish) from the zombies.

After a safety briefing and the requisite training in all the weaponry you’ll be using on the day you’ll be ready to take on the zombies, with the whole experience taking around 2 hours 30 minutes from start to finish.

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Can your mates handle this?