Zombie Shopping Mall

Zombie Shopping Mall, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Only £119.00 per person

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Now You Can Say Shopping Is Hell

  • Movie-quality special effects
  • Just like zombie video games
  • 3+ hours of shoot ‘em up!
  • Reading location

What can I expect?

Shopping has never been so terrifying – even Christmas Eve at London’s Oxford Street isn’t as scary or adrenaline filled as the zombie shopping mall. Reading’s shopping mall has been taken over by zombies, yes, that’s right zombies. You didn’t start the zombie apocalypse (this time) but we are asking that you help finish it. Sign up quick, this venue is scheduled for demolition so it won’t be available for long!

Will your mates help you?

What happens on the day

We recommend you arrive on time, zombie fighting requires punctuality. You’ll be briefed, trained in the airsoft weaponry you’ll be carrying and then let loose inside the most terrifying shopping mall on the planet. This is a fully immersive experience, it’s not just about shooting as many zombies as possible. In fact, ammunition reloads are few and far between, using your brains (before the zombies do) is highly recommended. Using amazing special effects more often seen in movies than at Littlewoods, you’ll ‘run and gun’ your way through video game like scenarios for the best day out shopping that you could ask for!

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Zombie Shopping Mall?

Located in Reading, just outside London, you can either plug RG1 1NRinto your sat nav or catch the train to Reading from London Paddington.

Can I bring some friends along to play too?

Absolutely, the more the merrier. You can book up to 20 people to take part, on the day up to 20 people will be forming the team. Please be aware that we won’t allow anyone under the age of 16 to take part.

When can I come and kick zombie arse?

The Zombie Asylum is open for business on Fridays and Saturdays, with multiple times to choose from.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Suitable clothing and sensible footwear, you will be running for your life and you will be getting dirty. Don’t forget to pack your courage, you’re going to need it.

What are the hidden costs I’ll have to pay on the day?

None! While extras (like video recording) are available, they’re optional so you won’t need to purchase anything extra to help you survive the zombie horde. Tea, coffee, water and snack bars are included in the price, we won’t send you in to fight the zombie apocalypse dehydrated or with low blood sugar.

Do I need to be fit?

This is a physical day out, as you would expect stopping the zombie apocalypse to be, a reasonable level of fitness will be required in order to keep up and not become zombie chow.

Will I get hurt?

You may get jumped on, held down, and have horrifying zombies murmur ‘brains’ in your ear but there is no actual violence or fighting involved and you will not be physically hurt.

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Can your mates handle this?